Welcome to the land of the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel where rich traditions of the past blend with a promising future.

On November 20, 2007, the Tribe, by a majority ballot vote of the General Membership, certified the adoption of a new Tribal Constitution for self-governance. The Constitution reasserted the Tribe's sovereign right of self-determination by first and foremost reestablishing itself as the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel.

The Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation is located on Hwy 79, in North San Diego County near Lake Henshaw between the towns of Santa Ysabel and Warner Springs. The reservation is within a 45 minute drive from Interstates 8, 15, and 5. If you enjoy taking the “scenic route” add Santa Ysabel to your travel plans to discover for yourself all the benefits the back country has to offer.

The Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation ranges from 3,200 feet to 5,700 feet in elevation and it comprises a land base of over 15,000 acres on three tracts of land. The mountainous topography of the Reservation is home to a wide variety of indigenous plants and trees, including seven different species of oak trees, musky sage plants, verdant wild ferns, vibrantly blue lilacs, and waves of golden poppies that flourish along the hillsides and ridges of Volcan Mountain. The Santa Ysabel Reservation enjoys four beautiful seasons every year, with blossoming springs, warm summers, colorful and breezy autumns, and snow in most winters.





Class of 2018
SCTCA Graduation Banquet
Graduates please contact the Tribal Office to let us know you will be attending the SCTCA Graduation Banquet.
(760) 765-0845 x100


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