15th Annual Santa Ysabel Traditional Gathering – A Success for Our Community

This year marked a milestone for the gathering; 15 years of coming together to celebrate the old and the new; to keep some traditions alive and to create new ones. The Gathering means different things for different people; some come to play peon or to bird singing some come to learn a little bit more of our local native languages, some come to play horseshoes or softball, or even just to get a free t-shirt. But for whatever reason we all show up, there is no doubt that it is a time also for community. You can’t come to the Gathering and not talk to someone you have not seen in a while. It’s a time to catch up on what’s new with family or friends or the latest gossip.

This year the Gathering was as big as ever. The vendors were overflowing and the food and t-shirts went quick. The Horseshoe and Softball tournaments had large numbers of players and spectators and there were dozens of singers and peon players. The weather was cooler than usual, making for a good day to be outdoors. From the building of the ramadas to the delicious deep bit barbeque, the Gathering takes months of planning and hard work. All this would not be possible without the generosity and hours of volunteered time and money by Santa Ysabel members and non-members alike. For fifteen years, Santa Ysabel has seen thousands of dollars in donations to our annual event. We have seen dozens of Native and non-native people donate their own time and money to make our Gathering a huge success. And finally, each year, a core of movers and shakers has ensured that this Gathering is here to stay for our future generations to come.

The list of individuals, Tribal leaders, Tribes, and organizations to thank is too large to list. Those of you who helped with this effort know who you are and we sincerely thank you. Please pass along our thanks to anyone who helped us in any way, no matter how small. Anyone interested in helping for next year’s Gathering please look out for our emails and announcements once we begin to plan; we truly need more volunteers to make this tradition continue! On behalf of the Santa Ysabel Gathering Committee, a sincere thank you to all of those that made this years’ Gathering a day to remember.
Nypar kupich nawooch! (Until we meet again!)
The Santa Ysabel Gathering Committee







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